Friday, April 11, 2008

The Show Must Go On

Fashion shows are the fun thing about being in Europe in January. The weather is freezing, people are bitter and the sky seems to be permanently dark, but for one week in each city the elite and alluring world of fashion congregates in a ritual that praises the beautiful, the bizarre and anorexia.

The two hours before the show starts is an event all on its own. Designers, celebrities, stylists and photographers all get caught up in this frantic hurricane. Models are running around in their undies, some in less... not to mention the free food and booze.

You can be certain that the show will be no less than 30 minutes later than the scheduled time. This is fashion after all... EVERYONE is fashionably late.

The crowd stands around and waits endlessly pretending they're not waiting because lets face it, important people don't wait. Buyers, photographers, journalists, designers, socialites and all the people who talk their way in one way or another (like yours truly) are all put together in one room sitting on tiny seats that make you rub cheeks with the people next to you. 

When the lights dim down it takes the crowd a record 1.5 seconds to take their seats and quiet down. Finally the show begins. Depending on the show you will either see a doe-eyed 15 year old trying to look as calm as possible or a greek god whose been doing this for years. One of these two opens the show and after that it pretty much flies by. All the hype for the show is done and over with in about 10 minutes. Don't get me wrong, they are 10 exhilarating minutes. The music is pumping, the cameras are flashing and cute boy after cute boy comes out from behind the curtain.

Then the craziness continues on backstage. Some shows have their own after party right in the backstage while others clear up and out in no time. Most times though its a social unwinding from the show and an energy booster to get to the next party. A few pics here and there, and a couple of glasses of champagne (yes, THIS is where it is!) and you're good to go.

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